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I am a family physician with twenty-seven years of mostly academic employment.  During that time, I interacted with hundreds of the very finest physicians, some of whom I taught. Unfortunately, I have treatment-resistant bipolar disorder with a history of multiple admissions. I have spent hundreds of hours researching treatment of bipolar disorder and my psychiatrist is as good as there is in practice.  I thought we had thought of and tried everything, but Dr. Post came up with some novel treatments we have not tried.

I found Dr. Post to be professional, thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. His consultation report came immediately. He is certainly in the top one percent of physicians and when it comes to bipolar, certainly one of the best there is. I give him my highest recommendation.


I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type-I back in 2004. I have been coping with this challenging condition for sixteen long years, with 5-6 full-blown manic episodes (several involving hospitalizations), and a couple of long severe depressive episodes. I visited several different consultants in numerous countries during these years.  

I found a golden opportunity to have an online consultation session with Dr. Robert M. Post last month. This was a unique experience. I found it to be the most detailed and in-depth consultation I ever received. Dr. Post spent ample time collecting my case history; he inquired about every episode in detail and asked questions related to the events leading to the episodes. He asked about medications I had used over the course of my illness, and about any side effects.. Dr. Post then outlined a series of recommended medication strategies and explained how each medication would be useful in my case.

Dr. Post  welcomed my questions and input. As promised, I received an email the following day containing a sequential list of medications and target doses and backup options in case the first things did not work out well enough.   I feel really privileged to receive such a consultation by an expert like Dr. Post who is one of the top clinical psychopharmacologists in the world. Thanks, Dr. Post,  for making a difference.


I highly recommend Dr. Post. I did a zoom meeting 3 months ago and he wrote a report of what medications to take. I gave it to my local doctor and got the prescriptions. His medication plan brought me out of a deep suicidal depression. I had one setback a few weeks ago, but after following the instructions in his report on what doses to up I am starting to feel good again.


We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Post, a true leader in the field of bipolar disorder, to discuss our son’s care. We received a well-thought-out and succinct plan of ideas to pursue with our treating psychiatrist. Dr. Post’s genuine compassion left us feeling confident that we are on the right treatment path and with continued dedication and diligence, we will be able to help our son.


We were fortunate to find and consult with Dr. Robert Post to help us navigate and bridge in- and out-patient care for disturbing cyclic recurrences. Not only has Dr. Post provided consultation for complex pharmacological management, he has written about and explains the mechanisms of action behind psychiatric medications and highly-researched nutraceuticals. He is easy to talk to and has practiced for decades across all levels of care. He works efficiently and writes consults that we are able to share with hospital and outpatient doctors, staff, family, and community members to build not only what we hope to be an optimal regimen for our family member, but a framework for others who seek  long term treatment regimens. Dr. Post has become an invaluable resource and has a clear vision for achieving integrated stability and wellness for our loved one, our family and our community of caring professionals and fellow travelers.

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